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To develop and execute a private-label branding for an in-house product line through packaging and POS signage/advertisements.

As Lead Designer of the newly-opened Whole Foods Market (Market Street, San Francisco), I lead a team of 15 peers in executing in-store marketing and signage for the grand opening. Just 4 days before the opening, I was pulled aside by my head office leadership to take on a huge game-changing project. I was asked to develop and lead a strategy to launch a list of new made in-house products exclusive to my store. Because it was a diverse range of products, I felt it was best to launch the products as a cohesively branded private label which would later be called 'Market Street Originals.' The fun bit: it needed to be developed and executed within those 4 days before the grand opening. 


Initial research began around the store, observing competitor branding on the shelves as well as aesthetic notes from the interiors. The logo for Market Street Originals paid homage to the most memorable interior décor feature in the shop, emphasising the locality of the product line.


Expanding the brand proposition from in-house food to exclusive store amenities (i.e. Mason Jar Exchange Program) and lifestyle products (i.e. Scented Escapes bath salts line) Market Street Originals was a multi-faceted product and service line. The overall branding from concept to completion happened in a matter of 4 days, which in conjunction with its successful financial performance helped me receive the 2nd highest award possible within the entire company.

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