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Every creative brief is a ticket to a destination – a destination reached after a creative journey. Some journeys follow a precise route to perfection, others rely on spontaneously taking the path less-travelled.


When it comes to creative journeys with me at the helm, it’s more than just where we're going...'s about how we get there. 

Why, hello there!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by! I'm André: a London-based creative originally from San Francisco, CA. Since beginning my own creative journey over 12 years ago, I have conceptualised, designed, managed and directed a wide array of different projects across branding, marketing, physical product and digital product. 


My passions and joys lie in visually communicating to the customer/end-user with empathy, innovation, and strategy at the forefront. It is a journey where I lead and champion collaboration throughout the creative process with the customer, my teams, and the business stakeholders. With every brief, my goal is to not only have the best output– but to also have the best creative journey to that output, because any solution to a brief is only as good as the journey it takes to get there.

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