Add Gousto 



To increase customer retention, basket size, and social engagement with a content-driven Valentine's Day campaign.

The brief for this campaign was simple enough: create a visually engaging campaign to support digital content and advertise add-on products during a holiday where dinner is key. Since the target audience would be a wide demographic, I sought out inspiration from how love was represented in adverts and pop culture over the last few decades.


Once I found common motifs, I decided to go off-the-beaten-path from my findings and present a graphics palette inspired by the sweetness, decadence, and indulgence of desserts. It was able to be reminiscent of Valentine's Day but didn't look like the usual pinks/reds/kitsch traditional to the holiday.


A handwritten display font and an XOXO pattern nod to the warmth of handwritten love notes. The content presented an opportunity to show food-as-partners through a content campaign which included stop-motion animations and a viral comedic

advice video.

Live it. Own it. Be it. Love it.

André Harris, Jr. // AH Design, Intl. 2021