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 valentine's day 
 store décor 
 whole foods market 

To thematically unify product displays and store décor for Valentine's Day utilising a localised concept that would resonate with all patrons.

Collaborating with two of my colleagues, we all wanted to create a store-specific concept that helped tell the story of our #sharethelove Valentine's Day marketing initiative a little bit further. Inspired by the typical rainy weather of London in February, as well as the romanticism of sharing an umbrella with that "special someone", we landed on the idea of "Shower Them With Love." The umbrella became the central symbol of the campaign from which we created iconic props using umbrellas with hearts raining from underneath them. We also expanded the umbrella concept to people (or animals) sharing an umbrella. We topped it off with an umbrella attached to a light post that customers could take pictures under for social media traction.

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