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How does the Wedding Book Design Service Work?

Our Wedding Book Design Service has been modelled to be an easy way for us to create a professionally designed book just for you! After you complete the Design Assessment (which will tell us your vision for your book) and have paid the initial deposit, we will pair you with one of our Design Team members. Once your favourite photos are received, we will begin designing your book. Your designer will send you the first draft of your book via our proofing platform GoVisually, and you will be able to communicate feedback using this tool (either desktop or mobile!) After two rounds of revisions, your final draft will be sent to you and you will be invoiced for the remaining 50% of the book and shipping cost. Once payment is received, we will order the book on your behalf and have it sent to your mailing address. Please allow 6-8 weeks from paying your first deposit to receive your book.


What kinds of books are available for this service?

In order to ensure the best quality book possible, we have curated four different Premium Hardcover book types. Choose from either the Large Square Lay Flat Photo Book (30x30cm) or A3 Lay Flat Photo Book for your main book, and order copies of your book in smaller Square Lay Flat Photo Book (22x22cm) and A4 Lay Flat Photo Book formats.


Do you offer photo editing or photo curation?

We do not offer photo editing services at this time, nor do we offer photo curation services. We ask during the photo upload process for you to only upload your “favourites” because we believe we can design the best book for you using most of your favourite photos first. While we attempt to include all of your favourites, we may only be able to include most of them due to design restrictions (see below question for more info on number of photos in a book.)


How many photos are able to be displayed in a book?

The amount of photos is roughly based on the number of pages in a book. Here at Photobox, we believe in your photos being the most important part of our products. Therefore we don’t want to clutter each page of your book with a high number of photos. Each photo is a magic moment captured, and we want to make sure that each moment is uniquely and equally emphasised. Therefore we showcase no more than around 4 photos per spread (2 facing pages.)


What if I want to order multiple copies of my book?

You will be able to indicate how many copies of your book you would like within the initial Design Assessment. However, if during the design process you would like to order additional copies of your book, we are more than happy to help! We will reflect the additional cost of the copies in the invoice delivered at the final draft/sign-off stage of the service. If you want additional copies after we’ve placed your initial book order, we will send you a supplementary invoice reflecting the additional book costs within two business days of notice. You will have up to 90 days to order additional copies of your book.


What specifications do you require for my photos?

In order to ensure the best quality output of your book, we highly recommend using photos only photographed AND edited by your wedding photographer, or photos from a professional camera (i.e. not a mobile phone camera or downloaded from online sources such as Facebook or Instagram). Images must be in the sRGB colour space, and either in .JPEG, .TIFF, or .PNG format (JPEG/TIFF preferred). Image file size should typically be above 5MB but not much larger than 25MB. Please refrain from uploading photos with watermarks on them as we cannot remove them. If we run into any issues with the specifications of your photos, we will inform you before we send the first draft.


What If I have paid the deposit but change my mind?

Unfortunately we will not be able to refund your deposit once you've paid it and sent your photos to us. If you have paid the deposit but have not yet sent your photos, we will refund your payment through PayPal. For more information on PayPal refunds, please visit their refund documentation.


Any additional questions not covered above?

Feel free to email us at, and a member of our expert design team will reply as soon as possible. Our team is available Monday-Friday 9am-5pm except for bank holidays.


The Wedding Book Design Service by Photobox begins once the customer (you) commits via a deposit paid via Paypal amounting to 50% of the total order amount (book plus gift packaging). By uploading your photos to the Wedding Book Design Service after paying the deposit, you are hereby giving Photobox Group permission to use them solely for the creation of your book. You are given 2 rounds of revisions as part of the service. Any additional revisions may be subject to surcharges. The remaining 50% of the total order amount will be due after the final draft of your book has been approved, and will need to be paid before your book can be sent to print. Please allow 6-8 weeks from photo upload to receive your book. If your 'requested date' is less than 6 weeks from deposit payment, we may decline this date and give you a revised date based on the aforementioned timeline. The photos and book creation will be deleted 90 days after the book is ordered, but is available for re-order within that timeframe. Once you have uploaded your photos to the Wedding Book Design Service, the paid deposit is non-refundable. Photobox gift cards or credits may not be used with this service. Please refer to the general Photobox Terms and Conditions for more information. Please refer to the general Photobox Terms and Conditions for more information.


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