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 branding + 
 the poor man's players

To create the visual identity for a new nomadic theatre company based out of San Francisco and Los Angeles, CA in time for their first produciton.


The Poor Man's Players was a new kind of theatre production company that would travel between Los Angeles and San Francisco hosting independent productions of plays. I was tasked to provide the image of this company, with the only direction being the necessity of coins being thrown into a hat (to give a sense of comedic irony that the company stood for.)


I set out with a 1920s Broadway inspired mood, and arranged the type to have playful kinetic energy. The letter "y" tossing the symbolic drama/comedy branded coins into the "poor man's" "n" helped whimsically address the client's requirement. Lastly, once expanding to the website design, I fashioned it to look like the website was a playbill posted on an alleyway brick wall in old

New York City.

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