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 party display 
 whole foods market 

To thematically dress a display of products related to the annual tennis championship while making a big and bold statement for the store entrance.

Ask any tennis fan what the traditional food and drink for the annual Wimbledon Tennis Championships is and they will all say "strawberries and cream with champagne." These key items were created into a display in the foyer of the store, visible from Kensington High Street. I felt the best way to frame this display was to transform the foyer into a tennis court! I laid out grass-like carpeting for the court and mimicked tennis regulation lines on the carpet. I contstructed the tennis net and created personalised messaging in the net by wedging tennis balls into it. Lastly, I hung tennis rackets to emulate a doubles match in-progress and utilised additional rackets and oversized tennis balls to help push the theme forward.

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