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To increase total revenue from the premium photo books category at Photobox by creating, developing, launching, and then be the managing director of their first-ever service product: a customer-facing concierge-style bespoke design service for Weddings. 

An ambitious idea that I felt would best showcase the value of graphic design within Photobox: develop and launch a concierge-style bespoke design service for customers' wedding books. It was a fantastic idea that I took full ownership in developing, starting with consumer and competitive research. With targeted USPs around convenience, curation, and the expertise of professional designers, there was enough market response to trial the idea.

Needing to keep business efforts minimised for launch, I had the opportunity to wear all hats necessary to start and manage the business from the ground up. After developing the customer journey, designing the operational workflow, and sourcing platforms to increase efficiencies, I developed the branding and landing page to begin lead capture (including creating the brand guidelines, writing all copy, and building the website.)

The customer journey begins with an assessment that matches them to one of many developed graphic themes. After receiving their photos and designing their book, they go through rounds of revision with my team to get to the perfect book – ordered, hand packaged, and sent to the customer to enjoy for years to come.

The proof-of-concept goal was hit within a few months with minimal marketing and little additional resource outside of two designers. After proving commercial viability with a simple business model and successful C-team pitch, the business invested and placed it on the main Photobox navigation bar as their first service product ever launched.

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