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 a taste 
 of gousto 

To create a single-meal Gousto mini box for an on-street promotion/social media contest combination campaign to raise brand awareness and customer acquisition.

My events manager always dreamed of doing a street-team "Random Act of Kindnes" marketing campaign where we give away a single Gousto meal during commuter hours. Once he had a shelf-stable recipe developed, I began developing the box that would contain it. I was able to use the opportunity to test a single-meal box concept, help raise brand awareness by making it a heavily branded collateral piece, as well as test a more intricate box design.


Graphically I pushed the idea of colour blocking the sides and inside of the box for visual appeal as well as played with how the brand pattern would bleed across different flaps on the box. Paired with customised matching ingredient labelling and a contrasting recipe card, this "random act of kindness" giveaway a successful centrepiece for this marketing campaign.

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