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 Garden party 
 whole foods market 



To create an in-store seasonal marketing campaign utilising signage, props and visual merchandising to help drive sales of rosé wines.

Rosés are known as the chic wine of summer, and to help market this I was tasked to develop an entire marketing campaign derivative of an over-arching summer campaign.

The idea of a garden party in a garden of 'rosé' bushes became the central inspiration. This led to the logo including an elongated wine glass stem adorned with leaves and thorns, with the splash of the rosé in the glass resembling a rose petal. I finished off the creative direction with a supporting graphic element in the form of white picket fencing where each picket was shaped like a wine bottle.

The last step was to bring the campaign to life within the rosé section of the shop. My team created foam core renderings of the picket fencing motif, while I sourced and placed signage that would announce the campaign. Towering garden arches wrapped in pink roses brought theatre to the display by immersing the browsing customers into the Rosé Garden Party fantasy. Due to this unique environmental creative, rosé sales saw a 30%+ lift year over year. 

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