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 in diversity 
 whole foods market 

To create an iconic campaign identity for Whole Foods Market's participation in the 2015 London Pride parade and street festival.

I was approached by my regional coordinator who asked if I wanted to collaborate with her on this project. Honoured to take on the task, we received our brief but strict criteria: "It's called 'Rooted in Diversity.' Make it funky." We wanted most to maintain an organic feel and arrived on an aesthetic of vector over full image.


To up the organic ante, I decided to hand draw the logotype to achieve a graffiti-like funky mood. We looked towards many rooted vegetables to tie in the campaign name and landed on carrots. Soon enough I was in the produce department picking out rainbow carrots for a photoshoot! I set up the photoshoot and arranged the carrots into chromatic order, shooting the iconic imagery that would be the visual centrepiece of the campaign.

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