The Body Source



To ideate and develop packaging for a line of Himalayan Sea Salt Lamps that would be visually appealing on the shelves of high street retailers.

To create the best output for this packaging project, the first step is understanding the bigger picture: a deep dive on who the customer is, what the product is, and auditing the current packaging of the lamp. It became apparent that the brand positioning lies within the health and wellness sector, which help guide the design work.

Taking a holistic approach towards the packaging as a branding touchpoint, the primary strategy for the packaging design revolves around creating an unboxing experience that communicates to the customer at various checkpoints along the journey. Taking advantage of these checkpoints bring plenty of opportunities to introduce and reinforce The Body Source as a wellness brand with premium products.

Materials and tiers of packaging were paramount given the target audience for this product. Pushing for less plastic than in the current packaging, using recycled materials where possible, and adding extra goodies to position the packaging as giftable helped give a diverse set of viewpoints across this packaging exercise.