rebrand and launch 
 photobox •  hofmann • posterxxl 



To consolidate and enhance the customer experience of three European photo gifting companies by creating an unboxing journey that surprises and delights customers while evoking the emotions associated with gifting.

I was asked to create a visual language for Photobox, Hofmann, and Poster XXL, who together are the largest gifting company in Europe. This project was not only to help consolidate various types of packaging across the companies from a factory perspective, but it was also to unify the overall customer journey from the homepage to the received product.

The out shipping packaging was fashioned to make the parcel look like a gift from the company to the customer, especially because the customer would usually be gifting their purchase to a loved one. The use of a hand-drawn string element gives warmth and dynamism to the packaging. The hero element is a gift tag underlay where the usually functional and cold shipping label is to be affixed, giving it a new warm function that helps continue pushing the gift-to-customer idea. 

Surprise and delight are evoked through a lively gift-wrap inspired pattern revealed upon opening the packaging. The pattern is composed of a hand-painted watercolour pattern utilising the three main brand colours of each of the companies in balanced harmony. The likeness to confetti relays joy and excitement, especially when juxtaposed against the ecocentric cardboard texture.

The pattern helps present the inner-packaging as if it were wrapped in gift wrap, allowing for the customer to gift the packaging straight out of the box. An optional tissue paper alternates back to craft paper, giving a premium ecocentric feel while circling back to the overall concept for the brands' new packaging experience.