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 the last 
 five years 
 Poor Man's Players 

To create the look and feel of a nomadic theater company's first show about a failed marriage told in chronological and reverse-chronological order. 

I was approached by the Poor Man's Theater company after designing their brand to help create graphics for their first show. They came to me after a failed attempt with another designer, and requested that I be inspired by Helen Frankenthaler for both collateral pieces to match their set design.


One of the unique aspects of the show is that it is a story told both in chronological order and reverse-chronological order. From that, I decided to paint a landscape in the style of Frankenthaler that represented both a sunrise and a sunset that played to the beginnings/endings show theme. The show program was fashioned as a wedding invitation because the climax of the show (where the two chronological storylines meet) is at the two protagonists' wedding.

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