branding + Launch 
 fine dine-in 

art direction, packaging, illustrator, photoshop, digital, print, branding, after effects, copywriting, indesign, logo design, social media



To brand and launch a new range of premium recipes with creative that showcases the range in a luxurious light while still being perceived as good value

for money.

Successfully launching a new product range relies heavily on how the new range will be branded, especially in relation or contrast to the core product range of the company. I took inspiration from fine dining and Michelin-star restaurant presentation mixed with darker tones and metallics usually associated with luxe aesthetics.

Strategically, I felt that it was best to make the range give the feeling of getting a restaurant-quality meal at a fraction of the price. For launch marketing materials, it was important to have a two-person "dining" experience shown, both to elude to the restaurant-quality product and to help market the range with a special occasion feel.

Dark backgrounds on pure white plates helped strategically make the dishes stand out in comparison to the rest of the menu page. The desire to include premium content and more space to describe more advanced cooking instructions required a format change in the usual product recipe card.

Additional content marketing helped reinforce the high-end feeling required of this branding and properly celebrated the artisanal food and ingredients. Careful consideration of how to strategically brand this product range allowed for its launch to be immediately successful.  

Live it. Own it. Be it. Love it.

André Harris, Jr. // AH Design, Intl. 2020