cook on the 
 bright side 



To launch a multi-channel campaign that introduces Gousto's new product propositions by positioning them as distinctive "resolutions."

Under the framework of new product and brand propositions being "resolution solutions", it was my task to creative-direct a campaign that would allow each proposition to stand out on its own while still being a cohesive part of the umbrella campaign. Since there were six different propositions to communicate, I felt it was best to colour code each proposition to give them the cohesive differentiation and merchandising they needed.

This campaign was very important as it was the first campaign to truly break away from fully following the recent rebrand's set guidelines. Seeing as it was the beginning of the year, I found influence from design trend forecasts and the desire to inject vivid hues into a normally grey British winter. 

The combination of vibrant coloured paper textures with pure white prop styling helped make the food and content-driven prop styling jump off the page. Analogous milky pastel colourways complimented each spread when necessary. The copy was bright and light-hearted, using a friendly tone of voice which made cold 'propositions' feel more like warm conversational topics. The hero piece, a colour-coded tabbed magazine, was particularly successful in being editorial, visually communicative, and standing out as part of the unboxing journey and an overall standout campaign.