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To create a content-driven direct mail and in-box magazine which would win back lapsed customers and upkeep customer retention with relevant resolution-focused seasonal content.

The New Year is synonymous with fresh starts, new goals, and life changes. The majority of these changes usually have to do with diet and exercise, so it was obvious for Gousto to execute a campaign around it.


Being inspired by the concept of January being a "cleansed palate" from the previous year, I directed the photography to have crisp, clean styling with contrasting cool-toned props to allow the warmth of the food to come through. The food's warm mood influenced the colour palette and mirrored its warm and inviting hues.


Further inspiration was found in the bold and geometric graphics of many athletics brands, and a consistent speech-bubble motif help push the idea of the tips and tricks of the content being "our little secret." The result was an engaging, editorial-style magazine that was dual purposed for both direct-mail acquisition and in-box retention.

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